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Grindcore devotees PHOBIA return to the Relapse fold with their new EP Unrelenting. Unrelenting is a blistering set of proper grind, bringing together d-beat tradition with the speed and savagery of modern metal.


released November 23, 2010

Relapse Records



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Phobia California

Formed in Orange County California in 1990, Phobia has been punishing ears with their murderous sociopolitical grinding noise assault for a full decade. Dealing out their savage combination of the energy and ideals of hardcore punk mixing it with the power and brutality of early grind, Phobia has shared the stage with a diverse mix of bands over the years such as Chaos U.K, Grave, & Napalm Death. ... more


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Track Name: Rehashed
Death comes to us all
It's a bloody sore
Everything is torn
Lifeless you are born!

Rehashed... remnants of the born
Rehashed... life has no remorse

Consistence to persistence
Build your self-esteem
Lifeless life has solitude
Mentally can be confused

Rehashed... remnants of the born
Rehashed... life has no remorse

Life is full of imbeciles
I can see the ending...
Track Name: You Get No Remorse
You get no remorse
Lies have plagued... the wrong way
Through the times... blows my mind
You get no remorse
Track Name: Enemy Within
The enemy within... is how it begins
Continuous deceit
Deceived, morally beat
With everything that follows

We face the end
Enemy within!

Watch as we contain
PLeasures that remain
Exist among our defeat
Tear to only bleed!

A sacred life
Love has been lost!
Track Name: Revolt Your Life
Revolt your life
Wanting to revolt
An idea of endless change
Politics to media
Would you have it your way?
Track Name: Tradition of Power
Tradition of power that hangs over your head
Politics through media, mentally we end up dead

Live for chaos
Live to destroy

Break down the towers that confine you with power!
Enrage through the change that has always plagued
Through your conviction, rid their tradition!

Live for chaos
Live to destroy
Break down the towers that confine you with power!
Track Name: Sign of Times
Be hardened from the battle ground
Love and hate, they're both profound

Sign of times
What we'll find

Kicking in the city streets
Fighting we will always be
Track Name: Out of Control
It's your fate
Insurgence is too late
Blood spills fast
We won't last!

This could be out of control
This could be out of control

Rise to fall... ongoing thoughts
Privilege for pain
Try to stay sane
Track Name: Soon
You got what's coming to you... sooooooon!
Track Name: Mental State
So much suffering
And distorted minds
Is this called living?
No reason to be alive

Serenity is a mental state
Backed up frustrations
Depression destroys your fait

Through mental intervention
Through solitude you'll find your place
Life has courses that are beyond our control
Do not look to another face

Face your downfall
Challenge your plague
It's yours to burn

Never ending suffering
To be born a hurtful thing
Track Name: Life's Animosity
It's a killing nightmare that overhangs your life
Everyday struggle, give me a fucking knife
It brings out your soul... it brings out your soul

Means of a solution... to reign your sanity
Means of a solution... it's life's animosity

Humanity can not spare
The weakness that is clear
The struggle can see
That you will be desired
Unfold your animosity
Track Name: Dying for Who?
Extinction is what we have become
Nothing learned and nothing gained
All that hope has washed down the drain

Insurgence failed, who is to blame?
Dying for who?

Brought into a world through a sight unseen
Nothing to complain but those that are of greed
Death plagues and hasn't yet compromised

In a world of suffering
that leads us to our demise!
Dying for who?

Start a militia to even the score
Never ending battles, we have fought before
Track Name: Total Kollapse
Revolution is born to expire
But nothing to set the fire
Total kollapse
Track Name: Strive Conception
Remember to strive... you'll never see them again
Remember to strive... you'll never see them again
Breaks through confinement... your life has its feel
Never ending dominance... is what manipulation steals

Ignorance is far driven... it will exploit your weakness
Life has its challenges... but it will give you substance
Strive conception
Track Name: Nothing Matters
I know you like to pull your PC trip but you always seem to lie and want a drama grip
You like to feed the scene and try to demean
But listen you'll never be me!

You don't matter
You don't matter
Just a fucking coward
You don't matter

Learn your lesson on how to be cold
Under pressure you always seem to fold
Ignorant fuck that has no self-esteem
But listen you'll never be me!
Track Name: Killing Time
Pieces of shattered hurt
Are all that remains
Only going deeper through your veins
pain and sorrow that kills!

Killing time... continues lies

Fragments of thoughts
Heal but you can't feel
Suicidal thoughts
But then you'll rot

Killing time... continues lies

Everything burns
Everything turns... seen through eyes
Track Name: If You Used to Be Punk, Then You Never Were
Your ignorance will feel the boot
No tolerance for your attitude

If you used to be punk... then you never were!

Two decades of aspiring to strike them fear
We still have the guts so steer clear!

If you used to punk... then you never were!